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The Ancient World

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Ancient History Primary Sources

Ancient Near East

starThe Sumerians Exhibit

Mesopotamia and Assyria

The Code of Hammurabi

Sumerian Flood Myth

The Epic of Gilgamesh Did You Know??

Ancient Near East Image Gallery - The Hittites, Sumerians, Phoenicians, Ugarit and Assyrians

Ancient Egypt

The Old Kingdom: 2800-2200 BCE

The Discovery of Hatshepsut, the Great Female Pharaoh of Egypt Did You Know??

starMonotheism in Egypt: The Cult of Akhenaten, a HistoryWiz exhibit

The Ancient Egypt Image Gallery

Ancient Greece

starThe Minoans Exhibit

Arthur Evans HistoryMaker

Aspasia, First Woman of Athens HistoryMaker

starThe Mycenaeans Exhibit

The Spartans' Family Life - Did You Know??

Archimedes and his Famous Walls of Syracuse - Did You Know??

The First Hospital: Asclepius and the Temples of Healing - Did you Know??

Ancient Greece Image Gallery

Ancient Rome

starThe Roman Kings Exhibit

How the Lupercalia Became Valentine's Day Did You Know??

The Aeneid Image Gallery Image Gallery

Ancient Rome Image Gallery

Ancient America

Ancient America Primary Sources

Ancient Religions

The Many Faces of Buddha

Confucius HistoryMaker

Recommended Books on Ancient World History

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