The Only God Aten

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Akhenaten making offering to the sun
Akhenaten and his family making an offering to the Sun god Aten 1351-1334 B.C.

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The Egyptian pantheon of gods were in human or animal form or as part human part animal figures. The sun god Aten was one of these gods and had grown in importance during the New Kingdom. Akhenaten raised Aten to the position of sole god, bringing monotheism to Egypt. He and his family are frequently shown worshipping Aten by reaching out to him. Aten's rays radiate out resolving into hands holding the ankh, the symbol for life.  Depictions of the royal family show them invariably under the rays of Aten.

Akhenaten's primary wife' was Nefertiti with whom he had six daughters. He had other wives, including Kiya, probably the mother of the famos Tutankhamun.







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Great Hymn to Aten - Primary Source

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