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HistoryWiz  Primary Sources: Africa

Ancient Egypt Primary Sources

Ancient Egypt Primary Source Images

The African Kingdoms

Glimpses of Ghana - Al-Bakir 1067

Decades of the New World - Richard Eden - 1555

The Description of Africa - Leo Africanus - 1526

Art of Benin and Ile-Ife  (primary source images)

Great Zimbabwe (primary source image)


Slave Trade Documents John Barbot - 1732

Diagram of the slave ship Brooks

The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano - 1789

Conditions on an English Slaver Alexander Falconbridge - 1788

Society of the Friends of the Blacks Address to the National Assembly

The Fugitive Slave Act

Boston Slave Riot Editorial

HistoryWiz Slavery Book Collection  


Confession of Faith - Cecil Rhodes - 1877

The White Man's Burden - Rudyard Kipling

The Black Man's Burden - Edward Morel

The Economic Bases of Imperialism - John Hobson

Imperialism, the Last Stage of Capitalism - V.I. Lenin

Colonial Africa

How I Found Dr. Livingston - Henry Stanley - 1871

On Empire and Education - Thomas Babington Macaulay 1800-1859

Punch cartoon of Cecil Rhodes straddling the continent

African Proverbs

The Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad - 1902

Punch cartoon criticizing the brutal rule of Belgian King Leopold II

Zulu City Umgungundhlovu

Construction of the Suez Canal 1869

South Africa Book Collection

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HistoryWiz Primary Sources

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