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Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece

starThe Minoans a multimedia exhibit

starThe Mycenaeans - a multimedia exhibit

Aspasia of Athens - the woman who helped rule Athens in its Golden Age - Did You Know??

The Spartan Family Did You Know??

The First Hospital: Asclepius and the Temples of Healing Did You Know??

Pericles Funeral Oration Primary Source

Plato's Philosopher King from The Republic Primary Source

Herodotus on the Minoans Primary Source

Plutarch on King Minos Primary Source

Herodotus on the Kings of Sparta Primary Source

Other Ancient History

Ancient History Primary Sources

Ancient Near East (Mesopotamia, Babylon, Assyria, Ugarit, Phoenicia, Persia, and Hittites)

Ancient Near East Primary Source Images

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Primary Source Images

Ancient Rome

The Ancient Rome Primary Source Images

Recommended Books on Ancient Greece
The Mycenaeans Exhibit

The Mycenaeans
a HistoryWiz exhibit

The Minoans Exhibit

The Minoans
a HistoryWiz exhibit

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