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The Ancient Near East

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Darius the Great
Tomb of Darius the Great

Code of Hammurabi

Code of Hammurabi
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Mesopotamia - the world's earliest civilization, located in the "cradle of civilization" in the Tigris Euphrates River Valley

starThe Sumerians: a HistoryWiz Exhibit

The Code of Hammurabi - find out more about one of the greatest achievements of Babylon

The Epic of Gilgamesh - the first written epic poem, in fact one of the oldest pieces of literature in the world.

The Sumerian Flood Myth

Babylonian Proverbs Primary Source

Babylonian Myth: Ishtar's Descent into the Underworld Primary Source

Code of Hammurabi Text Primary Source

Epic of Gilgamesh: Sumerian Flood Myth Primary Source

Ancient Near East Primary Source Images

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