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Cicero: The Life and Times of Rome's Greatest Politician by Anthony Everitt

If you are interested in Roman history, this is an enjoyable account, not only of Rome's greatest orator, but of the other major political figures of the time such as Julius Caesar, Marc Antony and Pompey the Great. The end of the republic in ancient Rome was a fascinating time, and this book is a very interesting approach.

Daily Life in Ancient Rome by Jerome Carcopino

an account of Ancient Rome that makes you feel like you were there


A History of Philosophy: Greece and Rome by Frederick S.J. Copleston


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The Fall of the Roman Empire by Arthur Ferrill

Ferill's view is that the fall of Rome was primarily military - a scholarly but readable account


Roman People by Robert Kebric

a well written social history of ancient Rome - very interesting reading


The Fall of the Roman Empire by Michael Grant

 Grant pinpoints the defects that, in his view, combined to reduce the Empire to its final state of ruin - a very well written account


The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome by Christopher Scarre

a very useful companion to your reading about Ancient Rome


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