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imperialism cartoon

Imperialism in China Multimedia Exhibit

Tiananmen Square Multimedia Exhibit

himalayas of tibet

Tibet Multimedia Exhibit

nanjing massacre

The Nanjing Massacre Multimedia Exhibit

goddess of democracy

The Goddess of Democracy -Tiananmen Square

Chinese propaganda poster

propaganda poster showing workers reading from The Quotations of Chairman Mao

forbidden city

the Forbidden City


Mao 1938

Mao Zedong in 1938

mao poster

Chairman Mao poster from The Cultural Revolution


The Great Wall

Great Wall at Badaling

Map of the Great Wall Great Wall Tour

Great Wall History

Tiananmen Square Massacre

Tiananmen Square Exhibit

Virtual Museum of China '89 China News Digest - Tiananmen Square and democracy movement - images, documents, accounts, sounds

The Gate of Heavenly Peace site for the documentary on Tiananmen Square Massacre

Tiananmen Square CBS News site

Primary Sources

UCLA Center for East Asian Studies Documents

Internet East Asian Sourcebook Fordham University images and documents

Cultural History

Chinese Culture Brooklyn College excellent resource images and documents

The Imperial Tombs of China Orlando Museum of Art online exhibit with Quicktime Virtual Tour and Interactive Timeline

Classics of Chinese Literature and Philosophy

Chinese Calendar Conversion Table for years 1880-1996

Chinese Language and Alphabet  and Table of Pin-Yin and Wade Giles Names Brooklyn College

Timelines and Chronologies

Chinese History Timeline

Chronology of Chinese History Chinese Cultural Studies Brooklyn University

A Chronology of Chinese Dynasties Library of Congress

China and East Asia Chronology North Park University

China Under Mao

Mao Zedong biography from the Chinese perspective - The Party- Red Line

Virtual Museum of the Cultural Revolution  China News Digest

Cultural Revolution Studies Ohio State University

Images & Propaganda

Images From the People's Republic of China Rice University

Image Archive Chinese History Ohio State University

Chinese Propaganda Sinophila Homepage - images and documents

The Chairman Smiles posters from communist China - a helpful site with good information about the posters as well as the images

Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages a fantastic resource on Chinese propaganda. Lots of images and lots of information about the history of Chinedse propaganda

General Resources on Chinese History

China, a Country Study Library of Congress

Chinese History up to the Qing Dynasty Council on East Asian Libraries

Chinese History Republican Period Council on East Asian Libraries

Chinese History People's Republic Council on East Asian Libraries

Following Ancient Footprints: Exploring the Northern Silk Road article by Pamela Logan originally published in Asia Magazine

Chinese History Council on East Asian Libraries

Maps of China

China Today: A Primer CBS News

Chinese History according to China Chinese Embassy

Center for the Study of Chinese Prehistory

Chinese History Virtual Library

The Forbidden City

Forbidden City Virtual Tour

US China Foreign Policy Foreign Policy in Focus

Beijing history and images

Concise Political History of China from Comptom's Encyclopedia

Classical Historiography for Chinese History Dr. Benjamin Elman UCLA

China's Bridge NOVA Online - companion site to the PBS series - design and build a Chinese bridge known only from an ancient painting

Overview of Early Chinese History Dr. Robert Crowley

Chinese History  Army Area Handbook with commentary by Leon Poon

The Emperor Wu Ti North Park University - from the Han dynasty

Bibliography for Chinese History Studies Brooklyn College