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Athenian warriors

Parthenon Frieze Classical

Drinking Party Pottery

Amphora Protogeometric

Boar Hunting

Domestic Scene Red Figure

Woman with Mirror

Laocoon and Sons Hellenistic

Poseidon or Zeus

Artemision Bronze (detail) Classical


Herakles and Athena Black Figure


Exekias Neck Amphora Black Figure

Woman with Mirror

Woman with Mirror Red Figure

White Ground Lekythos

Lekythos White Ground

Hermes and Dionysos

Hermes and Dionysos by Praxiteles

There are 3 periods of Ancient Greek art. These are the Archaic, the Classical and the Hellenistic periods.

The Archaic period is usually dated from ca. 1000 BCE.

The Persian Wars of 480 BCE to 448 BCE are usually taken as the dividing line between the Archaic and the Classical periods,

The death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC begins the Hellenistic period.

Pottery is further divided:

Protogeometric from about 1050 BCE
Geometric from about 900 BCE
Late Geometric or Archaic from about 750 BCE
Black Figure from the early 7th century BCE, replaced geometric
White Ground from about 570 BCE
Red Figure from about 530 BCE, gradually replaced the black figure

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