The Holocaust

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Concentration Camp Prisoners

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Holocaust Multimedia Exhibit

by Jennifer Brainard

The Holocaust


World War II

The World War II Book Collection

Holocaust Multimedia Exhibit



The Romani Holocaus



Eyeglasses from Jewish prisoners

eyeglasses collected from victims

Concentration Camp

concentration camp

Jewish children

Jewish children wearing yellow star



United States Holocaust Museum Search the archives - photos and documents

Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust Florida Center for Instructional Technology - probably the best site on the web on this subject

Glossary of Holocaust Terms Florida Center for Instructional Technology

Simon Wiesenthal Multimedia Center an excellent resource

The Holocaust History Project essays and documents

Simon Wiesenthal Center Virtual Exhibits

Holocaust Pictures Exhibition

The Holocaust, A Tragic Legacy a ThinkQuest project

Gallery of Holocaust Images Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

A Cybrary of the Holocaust a very complete site with images, eyewitness accounts and information

Holocaust Photos

Gallery of Holocaust Images Tea

Timeline of the Holocaust NAAF Holocaust Project

Jewish Student Online Research Center excellent source of information

Heroes of the Holocaust Alexander Kimmel

Holocaust Heroes site devoted to rescuers

Diaries of Halina Gorcewicz a Holocaust survivor

The Nizkor Project information on the Holocaust

Guidelines for Teaching About the Holocaust American Holocaust Museum

Virtual Reality Tour of Auschwitz and other camps Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

The Holocaust: Lest We Forget

Holocaust: Prevention & Understanding Alexander Kimel

Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies Yale Library - access survivor accounts on video

Recommended film School Ties - an excellent film on anti-Semitism in America