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Chocolate Ice Cream

A Recipe From 1882 - if you want to try it, use a hand crank ice-cream freezer.

Chocolate Ice Cream is made the same way as the vanilla ice-cream, adding a flavoring of chocolate and a little vanilla powder. For instance, to make a quart and a half of cream: Make the boiled custard with the yolks of six egg, half a pound of sugar, one pint of boiled milk, and a tea-spoonful (not heaping) of vanilla powder. Pound smooth four ounces of chocolate; add a little sugar and one or two tablespoonfuls of hot water. Stir it over the fire until it is perfectly smooth. Add this and a tablespoonful of thin dissolved gelatin to the hot custard. When about to set in the freezer, add one pint of cream, whipped.

Mary F. Henderson, Practical Cooking and Dinner Giving, 1882, page 308.