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Latin American Imperialism

American Imperialism in Latin America Exhibit


South Africa

The South Africa Exhibit

That Magnificent African Cake - an exhibit on the Congo Free State

African Sources



Imperialism in China Exhibit

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British merchant's home in India


Imperialism Chronology North Park University - a useful detailed chronology

African Slave Trade and European Imperialism Central Oregon Community College timeline

Imperialism in Russia & Russo-Japanese War Library of Congress Country Study

Imperialism MSN Encarta

The Berlin Conference on Africa North Park University - about the meeting of European powers which carved up "that magnificent African cake"

The White Man's Burden and its Critics the famous Kipling poem and many responses to it 

The Black Man's Burden Edward Morel's 1903 discourse on the abuses of imperialism in Africa

Internet African History Sourcebook excellent site from Fordham University

John A. Hobson's 1902 Essay on Imperialism excerpts

History of the East India Company

Treaty Ports and Extraterritoriality in China