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The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution


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Karl Marx

Karl Marx


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child hurriers working in the mines


Factories and Technology in Industrializing America National History Day

Industrial Revolution, Second Industrial Revolution Internet Modern History Sourcebook - primary sources

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A History of American Sweatshops 1820 - present Smithsonian Virtual Exhibit

The Chicago Strike of 1805 - facts and photos

The Age of Industry lots of links to other sites, particularly about inventions

Child Labor  - a nice summary - Hartwick College

The Progressive Era Chronology North Park University

Patents and Inventions in American History National History Day

European Intellectual History The History Guide - includes lectures on The Romantic Era, Utopian Socialists: Fourier, Utopian Socialsts: Robert Owen , The Age of Ideologies: Introduction, Reflections on Karl Marx, The World of Auguste Compte, Friedrich Nietzsche and the Birth of Modernism

Industrialization Primary Sources Longman American History Online

Antebellum America  Primary Sources Longman American History Online

New American Society Primary Sources Longman American History Online

Industrializing America Primary Sources Longman American History Online

Reforming America Primary Sources  Longman American History Online

Capitalism The Victorian Web - short summary 

The Nietzsche Page a useful site on the philosopher

Charles Dickens the Victorian Web - biography, works, lots of information about the man and his writing

The Romantic very good reference site for Romantic and other 19th century authors

Romantic Art  Malaspina Great Books - a good source for information and images of art works

Dicken's London - good information about London during the industrial revolution

Coal Mining in the Guilded Age and Progressive Era pictures and texts

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Cornell University - a terrific exhibit

Two Views of the Industrial Revolution in Britain

The Industrial Revolution, A Trip to the Past a good site with lots of photographs

U.S. Trademark History timeline

The Life of Industrial Workers in 19th Century England includes primary source material from the parliamentary investigative  commissions

Socialism, Liberalism, and the Industrial Revolution