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the Torah

the Wailing Wall


The Holocaust

Holocaust Multimedia Exhibit


Jewish Tales of Reincarnation by Yonassan Gershom

delightful stories and teachings in which the author shows reincarnation to be a Jewish belief 

Jewish Tales of Reincarnation


Judaism 101 Online Jewish Encyclopedia - lots of information about Judaism

Glossaries for Judaism University of Wyoming

Reading Hebrew on the Web

Judaica Yale Exhibit

The Holocaust American Holocaust Museum historical summary

The Torah teachings on the Torah

Maven, the Jewish Portal Jewish and Israel related resources

Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory

An Ancient Religion: Judaism Student web project Lewis & Clark State College

Dead Sea Scrolls Library of Congress exhibit

Hebrew Alphabet

Current Jewish Calendar

The Movements of Judaism, an explanation of the different types of Judaism, and The Difference Between Christianity and Judaism, both part of the site Converting to Judaism