Medieval and Renaissance Europe

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The Magna Carta

The Book of Kells

The Black Death by Giovanni Boccaccio

The Domesday Book Did You Know??


Henry VIII of England


First Europe Multimedia Tutorial University of Calgary - provides an overview of the transition from the Roman to the Early Medieval periods in Western Europe

Gothic Art & Architecture Ragz International - a useful and visually interesting site

End of Europe's Middle Ages (14th & 15th centuries) Multimedia Tutorial University of Calgary - overview of the economic, political, religious and intellectual environment of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

Virtual Abbey - a Medieval Tour

The Labyrinth Resources For Medieval Studies  Georgetown University - extensive site for all aspects of medieval Europe

Castles on the Web everything you always wanted to know about castles, including photos

The Black Death of the 1300s National History Day

Middle Ages Annenberg Foundation Exhibit

Monarchs and Monasteries: Knowledge and Power in Medieval France (late 8th--late 15th centuries) - Library of Congress exhibit

Christianity Chronology North Park University - offers a useful chronology of church history

The Camelot Project University of Rochester - a center for Arthurian lore

Medieval Europe Ellis Knox Boise State University online text

Quest for the Holy Grail British Library Exhibit

Ireland History in Maps

The Book of Kells images

Celtic Encyclopedia a wealth of information on the Celts

Early Medieval Resources for Britain, Ireland and Brittany 

The Geoffrey Chaucer Website Texts and contexts on Chaucer and life in the Middle Ages

Medieval Monasticism Westminster College

Plagues, Natural Disasters, and Environmental Observations

Church History: Christianity in Britain Brittania

Church History: Monasticism in Britain Brittania

Abbeys and Cathedrals in Britain and Wales Brittania

Medieval Siege PBS - companion site to the NOVA series Secret of Lost Empires

Vortigern Studies British history 400-600 - the site deals particularly with the years 425x455, which is considered by most people to have been the reign of Vortigern.

Medieval History Reading List  NYU - a comprehensive list of works on medieval history