The Nanjing (Nanking) Massacre

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The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II 
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Nanjing Massacre Multimedia Exhibit


World War Two

In 1937, during the Japanese invasion of China, Japanese soldiers slaughtered many thousands of Chinese civilians in the city of Nanjing. The massacre began with prisoners or suspected soldiers, then extended to those unambiguously civilian, including women, children, and old men. According to evidence presented at the Tokyo War Crimes Trials, Japanese soldiers raped at least 20,000 Chinese women, many of whom were murdered afterwards.

Iris Chang, the author of the acclaimed The Rape of Nanking, puts the death toll at 300,000. Japanese historian Hata Ikuhito puts the figure at 40,000. The truth is probably somewhere in between. The local war crimes trials held in Nanjing immediately after the war estimated that 190,000 were killed. The extent of the massacre is still disputed. For photographs see The Nanjing Massacre exhibit.


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