Russia and the Soviet Union

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The Gulag Archipelago: 1918-1956  
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Solzhenitsyn used his own experiences in a gulag as well as evidence from more than 200 fellow prisoners and Soviet archives to reveal the apparatus of Soviet repression.

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Topics in Russian History

The Cold War

M.A.D: the Cold War exhibit

Ukraine Famine

The Terror Genocide exhibit

The American "Invasion" of Russia

Rasputin, the Monk who Brought Down a Dynasty



photo of palace
Catherine's Palace


Lenin photo
Lenin addressing the crowd after his return to Russia


General Resources

Imperial Russia

The Russian Revolution

The Soviet Union

General Resources

Chronology of Russian History Bucknell University - major events in Russian History with explanatory materials

The Bucknell Russian Studies Program Bucknell University -  on-line Russian encyclopedia.  Everything you ever wanted to know about Russia.

The Face of Russia the companion site to the PBS documentary The Face of Russia - contains useful resources on Russian history such as timeline, glossary, and bibliography

Russian History Home Page historical Russian texts in English

Russia & Eastern Europe Chronology North Park University - a chronology of Russian and Eastern European history 4000 BC to present

Russian History on the Internet James Seaman's site for Russian History 1801-1991

History of Russia Russian National Tourist Office - even though geared toward tourists rather than students, this site offers a good overview of Russian history

A Russia Phototrack a source for photographs of Russia

Beyond the Pale: The History of Jews in Russia  This exhibit is an online version of an original exhibit that has toured Russia since 1995 - a wonderful resource on Judaism in Russian history

Imperial Russia

The Rurik Dynasty Bucknell University

The Romanov Dynasty Bucknell University

The  Alexander Palace Time Machine lots of photos of the home of the last Romanovs

Russian Orthodox Church: Early History and Art

Kyiv Civilization North Park University

Catherine the Great brief history - North Park University

Peter the Great brief history - North Park University

Treasures of the Czars Florida International Museum - photographs and information on Romanov artifacts. In addition to an excellent timeline of the Czars, with articles on each Czar, you can take a virtual tour of the museums artifacts (owned by the Moscow Kremlin Museum) 

Images From Russian History - The collection of pictures was compiled in 1908-1913 for an edition of "Pictures of Russian History" published by I.N. Knebel (1854-1926) in Moscow.

Russia From Revolution to Counter-revolution by Ted Grant - a current Marxist perspective on Russian history

Russian Revolution

Leon Trotsky Internet Archive documents and images

Russian Revolution Guide

Was Stalinism Implicit in October? article by David Barnsdale

Civil War in the Soviet Union North Park University

Russian Revolution Internet Modern History Sourcebook - primary documents

Russian Revolution Hanover College - texts and documents

The Abdication of Nicholas II  document from the World War I Document Archive

The Fundamental Law of Land Socialization 1918 text of the document

Maps of the Russian Revolution maps of Petrograd and Russia during the revolution

The February Revolution North Park University

The October Revolution North Park University

Leon Trotsky's The History of the Russian Revolution 1932 - online text of Trotsky's view of the revolution

Portraits of Socialist Revolutionaries 

The Soviet Union

Archives in Russia a brief extract from the ArcheoBiblioBase information system on archival repositories in the Russian Federation, maintained by Patricia Kennedy Grimsted in collaboration with Rosarkhiv, the Federal Archival Service of Russia.

The Removal of Stalin's Body From Lenin's Tomb

Soviet Archives Exhibit Library of Congress

The Chairman Smiles posters from the Soviet Union - a good collection of propaganda posters together with information about the posters

Revelations From the Russian Archives Library of Congress - hitherto secret information about Soviet Russia, released by Russia since the end of the cold war.

Josef Stalin Internet Archive documents and images

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Archive documents and images

Illustrated History of Russia and the USSR pictures pertaining to Russian historical heritage and photos witnessing recent events in Russia

German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact North Park University