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"Let s Go Forward Together"

   Push play to listen to Winston Churchill's inspirational "finest hour" speech. After the allied defeat in Europe and rescue at Dunkirk, Britain stood alone against the Axis powers.

The Battle of Stalingrad
The Battle of Stalingrad: turning point in Europe

D-Day photograph
D-Day Photo (National Archives)

Push play to hear a news report during the D-Day invasion.

World War II

World War II History Books

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Stephen Ambrose's classic work of military history, Band of Brothers, in a new edition that is a companion to the HBO mini-series. This edition includes art from the series

On December 7, 1941, after  the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States entered the war

Push play to listen to President Franklin Roosevelt's speech to the nation announcing the attack on Pearl Harbor 

Hiroshima photograph
Mushroom Cloud From Hiroshima

For a balanced resource on the controversial decision to drop the bomb we recommend that you visit Atomic Bomb Decision