World War One

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World War One


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World War I Topics:

The Great War exhibit

Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide exhibit 

The Tank

Rasputin, the Monk who Brought Down a Dynasty

World War I Primary Sources

World War I Books


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General Resources

Images and Propaganda

Primary Source Documents

Literature of World War One

General Resources

World War I PBS The Great War

The Great War: 80 Years On BBC News - a wonderful site including video, audio, images and information

Encyclopedia of the World War I Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia - a very useful resource on World War One

World War One Atlas United States Military Academy

Four Weeks in the Trenches by Fritz Kreisler 1915

World War One Ragz International a useful and visually interesting site

World War One Statistics Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia

Trenches on the Web: An Internet History of the Great War  a useful gateway site for World War I resources

The Christmas Truce BBC News

Gallipoli BBC News

Verdun BBC News

The Somme BBC News

Passchendaele (Ypres) BBC News

Tanks on the Somme The Tank Museum

Gallipoli 1915 Focus Multimedia Online Magazine

Balkans History Chronology North Park University

Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand North Park University

Entry of Ottoman Empire into the War North Park University

The Battle of Verdun North Park University

The United States Enters World War One North Park University

President Wilson's Fourteen Points North Park University

The Sinking of the Lusitania North Park University

Uncovering of Great War Tank November 1998

The Great War Series articles and photos The War Times Journal

The Great War Society

Canada and the First World War

World War I Chronology North Park University - a useful detailed chronology of the Great War

The Economic Consequences of the Peace John Maynard Keynes

African American Soldiers in World War I Library of Congress

Hungary Country Study Library of Congress

The Great War 1914-1918 focuses on military history - a useful "veteran site"

Armenia: World War I and its Consequences Library of Congress

Italy in the First World War  Window on Italy

Gallipoli J. Snelders

In Flanders Fields Museum

U Boat War 1914-1918

World War I Biographical Dictionary University of Kansas

The War of Attrition Canadian government

Suitors and Suppliants: The Little Nations at Versailles Stephen Bonsal Mississippi State

Armenia Country Study Library of Congress

Images & Propaganda

World War I Image Archive University of Kansas

First Call - American Posters of World War One

World War I Propaganda includes images of American World War I posters Aaron Delwiche

Punch It! British propaganda 1914-1915

Images of World War I Oxford University

World War I Political Cartoons

Images of World War I French posters

British Posters of World War I Fairchild Memorial Gallery Georgetown University

Posters From the Great War Trenches on the Web

Censored Pictures of the Great War Rob Ruggenberg

Political Cartoons, Posters and Photographs of the Great War The Heritage of the Great War

Paintings and War Letters of Harold Williamson British Imperial War Museum

Art of the First World War a wonderful site for the cultural aspects of the war

Literature of World War One

All Quiet on the Western Front Vocabulary

Literature of the Great War Brigham Young University

Wilfred Owen Multimedia Digital Archive Oxford University

In Flander's Fields  the famous poem by John McCrae and background

Lost Poets of the Great War Harry Rusche Emory University

The Waste Land by TS Eliot - post war disillusionment poetry

Primary Source Documents

World War I Document Archive University of Kansas

Historical Text Archive Mississippi State

World War I Internet Modern History Sourcebook

World War I Texts and Documents Hanover College

World War I Modern History Internet Sourcebook

Zimmerman Telegram Exhibit National Archives

The Treaty of Versailles  University of San Diego - text of the treaty, maps and political cartoons

Treaty of London 1915 extracts