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The Holocaust 

Holocaust Nightmare exhibit

Nanjing Massacre

Nanjing Massacre exhibit 

The Romani Holocaust

The Romani Holocaust exhibit

Nazi Propaganda exhibit

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World War II History Books

German poster celebrating the Anchluss, the unification with Austria

Hitler and Mussolini


Timelines & Chronologies

Image Collections

Documents & Oral Histories

The Atomic Bomb

1936 Olympics National Holocaust Museum Exhibit - excellent source of information and images about this infamous event

World War II Military History Canadian Forces College - a well organized site with lots of information

World War II Through Russian Eyes San Diego Museum - online tour of the exhibit

The Nuremberg Laws North Park University

German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact  North Park University

D-Day: The Allied Invasion of Normandy North Park University

Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor North Park University

The Battle of the Bulge North Park University

The Battle of Stalingrad North Park University

World War II in the Ukraine Infoukes, a Ukrainian history and culture site 

The Rise of Adolf Hitler The History Place - an online history

Battle of the Bulge Destinations Europe - some pictures and background

French Campaign 1940 French involvement early in the war - photos and campaign descriptions

Luftwaffe Resource Page all about the German Luftwaffe

World War II in the Pacific a site devoted to the war in the Pacific

Camp Harmony Exhibit University of Washington - site devoted to the internment of Japanese Americans

USS Arizona  University of Arizona - a site devoted to the Japanese 

Battle of Stalingrad BBC - an excellent overview

Image Collections, Including Propaganda

Documenting America: America From the Depression to World War II, 1935-1945 Library of Congress American Memory Collection - thousands of photos from the home front during World War II

Pictures of World War II National Archives - an excellent large collection of World War II photos

Women as Portrayed in British World War II Advertising an interesting and fun collection of advertising images on the home front in Britain

Produce For Victory: Posters on the American Homefront 1941-1945 Smithsonian Virtual Exhibit

Government Publications From World War II Central University - all sorts of publications, including propaganda issued by the US government

Engendering Consent: World War II Posters and the Home Front information and images of Canadian propaganda posters

Nazi Propaganda 1933-1945 Calvin College a good collection of Nazi propaganda, both visual and written

Propaganda Posters - German  French, British and American  Earthstation 1-  a large assortment of images, but without explanations

Powers of Persuasion: Posters From World War II 33 U.S. propaganda posters from World War II

World War II Poster Database Northwestern University Library - large collection of  posters

Arthur Szyk Political Cartoons - wonderful examples of Szyk's cartoons about Japan, Germany and Italy during the war from The New Order published in 1941

Photos a collection of World War II photos

World War II Aircraft an image archive of world war II aircraft

Atomic Bomb

Atomic Bombs Dropped North Park University - an overview

A-Bomb WWW Museum a Japanese site in both Japanese and English which includes many accounts from survivors

Atomic Bomb Decision an excellent archive of materials relating to the decision to drop the atomic bomb

The Enola Gay a detailed site maintained by Col. Paul Tibbets, who piloted the airplane which dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima

Atomic Archive resources surrounding the decision to drop the atomic bomb

Documents & Oral Histories

A People at War National Archives exhibit with primary documents about U.S. involvement with the war

World War II Hanover College primary documents

World War II and the Human Experience Florida State University - oral history

World War II Documents The Avalon Project Yale Law School

Oral History Archives  Rutgers University

Peace and War in America Primary Sources Longman American History Online

World War II Primary Sources Pearl Harbor Working Group

World War II Resources Pearl Harbor Working Group - a good collection of primary source materials 

Timelines & Chronologies

World War II Timelines University of San Diego

World War II Timeline in Europe The History Place - annotated with photos and text

The Interwar Years Chronology North Park University

The Road to War Chronology North Park University

The Second World War Chronology North Park University - a useful detailed chronology of the war